Working Principle

NMTG Cam clutch, are precisely constructed with a specially formed cam (retained with a spring) which lock positively inner and outer race by wedging effect and transmit torque in one direction. The typical transmission will give motion for rotary as well as intermittent.
The Cam clutches get automatic released (because of change the contact point due to specially formed cam) and the unit becomes free (wheel) and when the same race is rotated in the opposite direction, These Cam clutches, often provide the simplest and effective solutions for many applications, comparatively to clutches based on the ratchet and pawl type. Extensive range of cam, contact free - Centrifugal lift of Cam clutches have wide selection options for unidirectional drive ? Cam clutches
In the simplest application, Cam clutches connect and disconnect two rotating shafts (drive shafts or driven shaft) . In these devices, one shaft is typically attached with an prime mover unit and the other shaft provides output power for work.

High torque

The formed Cam can be accommodate maximum number of cam as per diameter which will provide the maximum load transmitting torqiue per given diameter / as per size then other type of clutches

Design of Sprag

The Cam made of a special alloy steel and precision formed will provide high wear and fatigue life.

Inner & outer race

Cam clutch races are precision ground, provide high concentricity and surface finish to obtain smooth Cam rotation and manufatured from high-quality alloy steel achieving high surface hardness & core toughness.