Cam Followers


Cam Followers are for applications where long life and maintenance-free service are essential. Cam followers is a good selection for machinery applications where down time is critical and must be avoided or where cam followers are not easily accessible for re- lubrication or replacement. Cam Followers is a compact bearing with a high-rigid shaft and a built-in needle bearing. Most suitable, as a guide roller for cam mechanisms and linear motion of automated machines & dedicated machines.

  • Cam followers having cylindrical rollers, provide substantial increases in fatigue life and limiting speed.
  • They can tolerate higher thrust loads than needle roller Cam followers.
  • Standard contacting lip seals offer protection against contaminants and positive grease retention.
  • A large internal grease cavity assures maintenance-free service.
  • Driver groove OR Hex socket in the stud head are a standard feature.
  • Spherical outer rings are available as an option.


Accommodate high radial loads:
  • The thick - walled outer ring enables high radial loads, while reducing distortion and bending stresses.
Accommodate axial loads:
  • The flange rings enable cam followers to accommodate axial loads that can occur because of skew or tilting.
Long service life:
  • The crowned outer ring running surface is beneficial for applications where outer ring tilting relative to the track may occur or where edge stresses need to be minimized.
Easy to mount:
  • The threaded solid stud (pin) of cam followers can be quickly and easily attached to appropriate machine components by means of a hexagonal nut.

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