Shaft Hub Connection

Working Principle

Shaft hub connection are machine elements used to connect shafts and hubs. They are capable of transmitting torque, axial forces, radial forces and bending moments.

Among the shaft hub connections shrink discs and locking assemblies take an important position.by tightening the clamping screws taper surfaces are pulled together generating radial forces; these forces provide the required frictional connection between the parts involved the transmission of torque or forces.


  • 1. Internal Clamping Device (Locking Assembly) : To Transmit Power from Shaft to Hub
  • 2. External Clamping Device (Shrink Disc): To Transmit Power from Hollow shaft to Solid shaft


  • Backlash free connections
  • Ideal for reversing operation
  • Simultaneous transmission of torque and axial force
  • Easy alignment of hub to shaft
  • Compact solutions due to high power density
  • Reduced costs due to simple shaft and hub geometry
  • Connections can be released even after long operation time